Indian Wildlife & Tourism

African elephant matriarchy against a blue sky

The tiger is India’s most majestic and charismatic animal; unfortunately it is severely endangered due to poaching. The demand for tiger parts in China and other Asian countries is fast depleting the population in India. But the tiger still survives in the tiger reserves and National Parks of India.

The animal attracts a very large number of Indian tourists and foreign nationals. The inbound tourism is increasing day by day due to the popularity of the tiger and other endemic animals. Tiger safari in the country is a burgeoning industry. The popular tiger reserves have seen a spontaneous rise in tourism infrastructure. The numbers of wildlife resorts and hotels have grown up dramatically.

Besides the tiger, India is home to the Asiatic lion, the only surviving species in the Gir National Park of Gujarat, India. As compared to tiger safaris, lion safaris are less popular since Africa is a more popular destination for watching Lions. Another keystone species that attracts visitors is the one-horned rhinoceros found in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India. The tiger reserve is home to wild elephants as well. The best place for watching Indian wild elephants is the Corbett National Park in Uttaranchal state.

Wild elephants and many endemic species such as Nilgiri langur, the Lion, tailed macaque, and wild goats can be seen in the parks of South India. The Salim Ali WLS and biosphere reserve and Periyar National Park in Kerala are popular tourism centers in Southern India. Kerala and the Western Ghats are home to many endemic bird species and bird watching tours are very popular. There are many tour operator packages that offer guided birding in South. There are many popular birding spots in Southern India.

In the North, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary offers sighting of more than two hundred species including winter visitors in a short trip. Like wise birding is getting popular in Western India in the state of Gujarat.

There are many parks and sanctuaries in India. These protected areas offer magnificent wildlife watching as they are home to endemic and rare species. The best way to travel for wildlife tourism in the country is to join a package tour. The top tour operators offer packages which cater to many destinations.

Traveling in group tours organized by the wildlife tour operators is the easiest travel option. In packaged tours, all arrangements are made by the organizer. Traveling in a group is safe and comfortable in India.